I endeavor to change the world through design and challenging the status quo.

Skills & Abilities

  • Expert knowledge of web design tools including but not limited to UX & UI Design HTML & CSS3, JAVA, Angular JS, JavaScript/JQuery, Sketches Persona Creation, Persona Creation, User Testing, Usability Protocols, Wireframing, Prototyping, Research methods, Information Architecture, Photoshop & Illustrator; Axure, JustinMind and InVision.
  • Employment of the following design process: Needs Assessment – Creative Brief – Feasibility Research – Persona Creation – Outline Content – Site Mapping – User Journey- Taxonomy – Wire framing – Branding – Iterative Design – Design Approval
  • Strong ability to take wireframes from conception to completion,
  • History of successfully incorporating business requirements into designs,
  • Experience performing Usability Testing,
  • Strong usability intuition, combined with fast prototyping, to create the best user experience possible.

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International Monetary Fund (Current)




Lotto Tree

This project focused on presenting Kentucky state lottery in an affordable and accessible means to the users. I carried out studies on the current users of the game, they various type of games, how each game is currently played,  and performed a competitive analysis. I created profiles and storyboards of players to address their different needs and challenges while playing the game. I created data- driven wire frames  to test with users to determine usability and further define the experience. I worked closely with my developers to address technical limitations and discover opportunities.




Spectrum communications needed to better educate its customer on how to self diagnose and troubleshoot basic service-related issues by making its self help tool kit more accessible and user-centered.  I sought a means by which the platform could be readily accessible to even the aged by using my grandmother to draw out ideas on how she can enjoy the app. How cool is that? I researched the concerns and challenges the customers faced and interviewed customer service representatives mainly on topics concerning unannounced maintenance procedures, internet troubleshooting and identity of the tech repairman assigned to their case. 



The product owner tasked me with changing the interface of ReVampit website to make it look more customer-friendly and engaging. I worked closely with the customer to define the best experience for their clients by considering the beauty, functionality, content strategy and search engine optimization.  

ford motor

Ford RSG

Ford was determined to improve their customer’s car buying experience with the introduction of Autofi technology, an online car selection and financing web based tool. Autofi was also built with the idea of giving solid advice on discovering the perfect car choice for a user given their specifications and provides them with choices for paying for the cars.



Bizfundi is a platform by which SMEs in Tanzania can connect with other SMEs build good connections and seek financing. I worked with and managed UX practitioners and UX researchers to understand the culture and competitive landscape. I wire framed and produced researched based interactions. I worked with Tanzanian researchers to facilitate black-box testing.



Gummi, is a social app which the author built to compete with other social apps like Instagram, Facebook e.t.c. I had to take into consideration limited resources and used a small team to achieve this objective. 



I described the designing of games to help new students of the Kentucky Community and Technical College find their way throughout their academic careers. I described the various means by which this client was highly demanding. Additionally, I discovered that the client was not fully decided on which approach to take to undertake the project, so I proposed a means by way of gamification. Courses for which the games were built for included HVAC, Automotive, Criminal justice, nursing and welding. 



In this section the I describe a new approach to buying luxury women’s clothing online. I adds greater simplicity and elegance to the process of buying by incorporating new screen gesture interactions.


Sport Report

The purpose of this project is to provide decision maker with actionable insights by enhancing the UX and usefulness of available data concerning their business. In this section the Author describes his process, challenges he faced and how he overcame those challenges.



Can Craigslist be improved? This question has been debated because of the sheer non-clean and rudimentary look of the site. However, Craiglist works. You can easily get to where you need to and the UX experience is arguably good. Maurice attempts to take the UX experience further by modifying the architecture of the design and making the website look more trustworthy and modern. Click the link below to see his concepts.



Traditional is boring. How can we challenge the traditional way we do things to ultimately improve our experiences? Maurice looks at the Netflix interface and wonders how he can look at the design in a different way. Traditionally, we slide from left to right to search for movie titles. The redesign is based on navigating through search scrolling up and down. scrolling up an down is a more natural hand gesture on many devices and up and down requires less of an effort on mobile devices. Click the link below to see the new Netflix concept.



In today’s world, many businesses are trying to figure out ways to gain the attention of buyers.  Many are looking at consumer feedback websites to capitalize on the oldest form of advertising, word-of-mouth. With the invention of these types of websites, Users have been given a voice to share their opinion of a good and/or service with the world. With the prevalence of these sites, how will they differentiate themselves from others in the future? To find the answer, Maurice starts with re-imagining the oldest site on this topic.




I seek to understand both User and Business goals


I define the right thing to build


I design and test with real users


I build the right solution in the right way



Maurice Frost




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