Ford RSG

The Client

Ford Motor Company

The Duration

09/12 – 01/18 (5 months)

Available On

Smart phones,
Desktop Computers,
Tablet Computers

Skills Used

Use-Case scenario, Storyboarding, Scope of Work defining, Wireframing, Photoshop design, Implementation with Angular JS, Liaison across design process

Our story begin with a recent Ford purchase, Autofi, a credit application tool that allows users to purchase vehicles and apply for financing online. My role on this project was to provide strategy, designs and implementation support for integrating Autofi’s experience with The current solution allows for users to pick out the car and features they want and then redirects the user to a dealer website to complete the buying process. Ideally, Ford would like to keep that user in the experience.

My process was to first understand the Autofi technology and how it could best serve Ford’s goal of generating better quality leads for their dealership partners and provide the customer with a simplified solution for buying cars with financing.

Ford was seeking to offer their users a more exploratory approach to car buying which is different from its current wizard-like experience.With my AutoFi enhanced process, user can now pick their cars, features, incentives (by location), special offers and vehicle protection. I worked closely with the Ford team to define style guides to meet both aesthetics and functional requirements. The car search feature modeled Ford’s current effortless experience found on For example, a user types in a car of interest or they can browse through all of the available cars that match the search criteria. The features were separated into categories as it is currently on The categories were color, engine size, eco-friendliness options, and additional upgrades.

The next step in the process is for the user to choose how they intend on buying that car. There are 2 options, Leasing and Financing. Both options funnel the user to its credit application. Once approved the user is presented with financing or leasing cards with varying terms and interest rates based on credit score and history. Additionally, there is a trade-in consideration presented as an optional step.

Ready Shop Go Home Screen

Ready Shop Go Home Screen

Payment Calculator

Payment Calculator

Trade in

Trade in